Thursday, April 8, 2010

April Studio News

Here's the latest springtime from the members of Outpost 51 Studio!

Reilly is in Chicago this weekend for the C2E2 Comic Con! Hooray! So if you're in Chicago you better go check it out. The studio misses him.

Hercules, Fall of an Avenger #2 is coming out next week, for which Reilly did a back-up story featuring Venus and Namora from the Agents of Atlas. Check it out here.

And finally...Reilly has been posting in-depth critiques on his Deviant Art page for artists to help them get their portfolios ready for the convention season. Lookie here!

Laura Lee was featured in a La Repubblica article (it's an Italian paper) about comic artists in New York. She was the guest quizzer for the visual round of the Rocky Sullivan's famous pub quiz...take the quiz here. You can see more news from her body painting biz 2nd skin here, and you can check out her friendship with puppets here. Laura Lee was also presented her work last month at the artist salon LES Salonnieres, which is a private club that meets in a LES tenement.

Next week Laura Lee is hosting a figure drawing/body painting/art history tinged event called Cr(n)ude Drawing at HiChristina in their new Manhattan location! Thursday April 22nd 8pm. More details.

And how is the graphic novel coming? Well, she is...


The figure drawings have been carrying on nicely! Cara will be returning to model in Chris' figure Drawing session at the end of April.


Paloma has been on the road a lot in recent months so in the studio we don't get the pleasure of her company as much as we'd like. But she reports he's been working on the play American Idiot. And she just got hired to do the costumes for a New York Theatre Workshop production of Peter and the Starcatchers based on the book by Ridley Pearson and Dave Barry. (Yes, that Dave Barry)

This month, Sam began taking a painting class with Joseph Peller. And this summer Sam's inspiring teacher of the past 8 months, Marvin Mattelson will be going on year-long sabbatical to catch up with commissions. Mark your calendars for summer 2011. Here's one of Joeseph's paintings...


Reilly, Laura Lee, Chris, and Sam all attended the MOCCA festival this past weekend here in New York! There was a great group of comic artists featured, including our neighbors down the hall in Deep 6 and XOXO. (As well as Act-I-Vate) Guests included Frank Miller, Jamie Hernandez, and David Mazzucchelli.

Here's a picture of Laura Lee and Reilly from the afterparty!

Monday, March 15, 2010

March Studio News

The past month has been non stop snow and rain and MORE SNOW AND RAIN! So things have been very quiet in the studio. But here is the latest....

News from Reilly Brown...

Agents of Atlas is coming out this week! Reilly did pencils for this story written by Paul Tobin which will be a backup feature in Hercules: Fall of an Avenger. Here's a sneak peak...

Reilly is also a guest artist on Studio XOXO member George O'Connor's blog Olympians Rule, which featured his drawing ofthe monster Typhon.

And finally...Reilly's take on Harry Potter was featured on Newsarama! Magical.

News from Laura Lee Gulledge...

Laura Lee has been busy inking her graphic novel "Page by Paige" on a foolish/ambitious schedule seven days a week. Here's a peek at the sample pages she's done so far...

Working with Editor Maggie Lehrman at Abrams Books...

Laura Lee's body painting side business 2nd Skin has been busy recently, painting at Gemini & Scorpio's "Vault of Golden Vapors", Williamsburg Fashion Weekend, and The Supper Club's Marie Antoinette party.

Laura Lee was also recently a GUEST SPEAKER at her alma mater James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia! She spoke to Cole Welter's undergrad studio art majors about life after graduation.

And finally, Laura Lee was quoted and pictured in the NEW YORK TIMES! (Talking about glitter nevertheless) To see more info click here.

News from Chris Rywalt...

Chris has been busy cranking out a SLEW of new paintings in the studio, supplying the studio with much appreciated Girl Scout cookies, and continuing to organize his figure drawing sessions which have been growing in popularity! It is held every other week and with the cost capped off at $10, it has become a welcome development for all the studios in our Gowanus building.

The next session will be Thursday, March 18 from 6-8pm with Janice as the featured model...

Then the following session will be Thursday April 1st, 6-8pm. This session will feature a male model, Ike Love...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Drawing Cara

I've shared a studio with Reilly for about a year and half now. The first year went really well but the past six months have been more problematic. I didn't even set foot in the damned place during August or September of 2009. And since then my attendance has been sporadic. My painting has suffered (which you can see for yourself) and of course I'm wasting the rent money.

I'd been avoiding seeing anyone else from any other studios in the building because I'd been feeling, not so much anti-social as, well, as if I was being a jerk when I spoke to people, so I decided I'd rather not talk to anyone. But one of my rare days in the studio, Sam, one of our newer studiomates, brought in a dozen donuts. By the end of the day I was the only one left and there were extra donuts. Well, you can't just leave donuts. For one thing old donuts aren't very good. For another thing, who knows what vermin lurks in the heart of the building? So, sighing, on my way out I brought the remaining donuts to Deep 6. I ended up talking to Dean and, as usual, complaining, which for some reason is what I do. This is why I'd been avoiding seeing anyone else. One of my complaints was how much trouble I'd had dragging my sorry ass into the studio on any kind of regular basis.

"What you need," Dean opined -- one of the things that makes it hard to complain to Dean is he always wants to help -- "what you need is something that will motivate you to come into the studio more often. What if you put together a figure drawing session?"

What if I did? I'd met Reilly at a figure drawing group, but in late 2008 I'd had a falling out with the organizer so I'd stopped going. Since then I missed figure drawing and wanted to do it again -- and tried one other group which didn't go too well -- so setting up my own seemed like a good idea. On the other hand, my follow-through is usually terrible. And I don't know too many art models, either.

But you know what? That's all whining. I can organize things. I'm a Boy Scout. I know how to do this stuff. Onward and upward!

Well, last Thursday night was the 2nd Avenue Figure Drawing Group's third session. Amazing. I held it together for three sessions in a row! We'll see how things continue.

I haven't posted my drawings from the first two sessions because, wow, they were bad. The second session was especially egregious. I'd found Mia, who I'd drawn before and totally loved, and I couldn't wait to draw her again, and then I showed up without any of my usual drawing implements. I ended up finding some really soft charcoal sticks I'd bought for some unknown purpose and trying to use those. By the time I was done I looked like Bert from Mary Poppins I'd smeared so much black crud all over my face and hands and pants.

Our most recent session featured a new model found by Joan, a lovely woman named Cara. Finally I have some drawings I can share.

I think the last two are kind of interesting because they're the same pose, but one is in Conté and one is using my brushpen.

And then, just because I'm here already, I threw in a drawing I did of my daughter Corinne last night at her dance competition.

Chris Rywalt, Cara Drawing #1, 2010, Conte on paper, 9x12 inches

Chris Rywalt, Cara Drawing #1, 2010, Conté on paper, 9x12 inches

Chris Rywalt, Cara Drawing #2, 2010, Conte on paper, 9x12 inches

Chris Rywalt, Cara Drawing #2, 2010, Conté on paper, 9x12 inches

Chris Rywalt, Cara Drawing #3, 2010, Conte on paper, 9x12 inches

Chris Rywalt, Cara Drawing #3, 2010, Conté on paper, 9x12 inches

Chris Rywalt, Cara Drawing #4, 2010, Conte on paper, 9x12 inches

Chris Rywalt, Cara Drawing #4, 2010, Conté on paper, 9x12 inches

Chris Rywalt, Cara Drawing #5, 2010, pencil on paper, 8.5x5.5 inches

Chris Rywalt, Cara Drawing #5, 2010, pencil on paper, 8.5x5.5 inches

Chris Rywalt, Cara Drawing #6, 2010, Conte on paper, 9x12 inches

Chris Rywalt, Cara Drawing #6, 2010, Conté on paper, 9x12 inches

Chris Rywalt, Cara Drawing #7, 2010, ink on paper, 8.5x5.5 inches

Chris Rywalt, Cara Drawing #7, 2010, ink on paper, 8.5x5.5 inches

Chris Rywalt, Portrait of Corinne at Dance, 2010, pencil on paper, 8.5x5.5 inches

Chris Rywalt, Portrait of Corinne at Dance, 2010, pencil on paper, 8.5x5.5 inches

Thursday, February 11, 2010

February Studio News

Latest news from Outpost 51...

Reilly Brown was interviewed on Newsarama about new series Heroic Age: Prince of Power along with writers Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente. AND he was also interviewed on this topic by IGN comics. Check them out!

Laura Lee Gulledge was interviewed on Artsy Shark about her unusual path as an artist and she was filmed working on her graphic novel in the Outpost 51 studio by filmmaker Rebecca Frimpong (Click here, it's the 2nd video down)

Chris Rywalt organized the first of what we hope to be an ongoing series of figure drawing sessions held right in our building! The first session was held last weekend, where we had the lovely Hillary as our model and there were attendees from both Outpost 51 and Deep 6. It went very well, and if you're interested in attending future sessions please contact us. (Laura Lee posted her sketches here) are a few pics from Rocketship, where we went to go celebrate the release of the new "Demo" by Becky Cloonan (from Studio XOXO).

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Introducing Outpost 51 Studio!

Outpost 51 is a studio comprised of a rag-tag gang of artists all navigating the wild frontier that is freelancing. We operate in a variety of creative fields, from comics to illustration, painting to design. We are located in Brooklyn, next to the scenic Gowanus canal and nestled under the rumbling F-train.

Our studio is part of a larger creative community, for down the hall reside Deep6 Studio (Their blog and facebook group)and Studio XOXO. Both of which are brimming with absurdly talented comic artists.

Allow me to introduce the members of Outpost 51....

Reilly Brown

Reilly Brown is a comic book artist and writer, best known for his work on the Marvel Comics series Cable & Deadpool, where he became known for combining expressive characters with fast-paced and dynamic action. Other series he's contributed to include New Warriors, Marvel Apes and Incredible Hercules. Here are links to Reilly's page on Deviant Art and Ten Ton Studios.

Laura Lee Gulledge

Laura Lee Gulledge is an artist who is currently working on her debut graphic novel "Page by Paige" for Abrams Books (Spring 2011).  She is also a scenic painter (most notably for Macy's famous holiday windows), street artist under the name Karat, body painter under the name 2nd Skin, self-proclaimed self-art therapist, exhibitor with various Brooklyn galleries (AdHoc and HiChristina!), event producer/hostess/set designer, and certified art teacher. Here are links to her blog, online gallery, and website:

Chris Rywalt

Chris Rywalt is a figurative painter who works in a variety of media. He has found success selling hundreds of his artworks on ebay as well as being featured in various group shows in New York and New Jersey. Besides working on his own paintings, Chris is also prolific art critic who covers various art exhibits in the New York art scene. You can keep up with his recent articles in his blog.
Chris has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey. He has worked on pages on Buckminster Fuller, edited an electronic version of the Principia Discordia and added to it, designed Web-based games like Apple Corps, and put together various smaller projects. His website:

Paloma Young

Paloma is an interminably bicoastal costume designer for theatre and film. Her work has been seen regionally at Berkeley Repertory Theatre, The Old Globe, La Jolla Playhouse, Mixed Blood in Minneapolis, South Coast Repertory and Miracle Theatre Group in Portland, OR. Paloma was an exhibitor at the 2007 Prague Quadrennial and likes all that interdisciplinary, crazy Eastern European naked old people yelling kind of performance. Also, she teaches design and film criticism when the universities can afford to hire her. More at

Sam Zanger

Samuel Zanger is an illustrator specializing in pre-visualizations, storyboards, characters, and comics. He was awarded for artistic achievement by the 1998 Huntington International Film Festival, and has been sponsored by the New York Foundation for the Arts. He worked for 15 years in film/ TV before entering illustration, and has a bachelors in theatre from Carnegie Mellon. His website: