Thursday, April 8, 2010

April Studio News

Here's the latest springtime from the members of Outpost 51 Studio!

Reilly is in Chicago this weekend for the C2E2 Comic Con! Hooray! So if you're in Chicago you better go check it out. The studio misses him.

Hercules, Fall of an Avenger #2 is coming out next week, for which Reilly did a back-up story featuring Venus and Namora from the Agents of Atlas. Check it out here.

And finally...Reilly has been posting in-depth critiques on his Deviant Art page for artists to help them get their portfolios ready for the convention season. Lookie here!

Laura Lee was featured in a La Repubblica article (it's an Italian paper) about comic artists in New York. She was the guest quizzer for the visual round of the Rocky Sullivan's famous pub quiz...take the quiz here. You can see more news from her body painting biz 2nd skin here, and you can check out her friendship with puppets here. Laura Lee was also presented her work last month at the artist salon LES Salonnieres, which is a private club that meets in a LES tenement.

Next week Laura Lee is hosting a figure drawing/body painting/art history tinged event called Cr(n)ude Drawing at HiChristina in their new Manhattan location! Thursday April 22nd 8pm. More details.

And how is the graphic novel coming? Well, she is...


The figure drawings have been carrying on nicely! Cara will be returning to model in Chris' figure Drawing session at the end of April.


Paloma has been on the road a lot in recent months so in the studio we don't get the pleasure of her company as much as we'd like. But she reports he's been working on the play American Idiot. And she just got hired to do the costumes for a New York Theatre Workshop production of Peter and the Starcatchers based on the book by Ridley Pearson and Dave Barry. (Yes, that Dave Barry)

This month, Sam began taking a painting class with Joseph Peller. And this summer Sam's inspiring teacher of the past 8 months, Marvin Mattelson will be going on year-long sabbatical to catch up with commissions. Mark your calendars for summer 2011. Here's one of Joeseph's paintings...


Reilly, Laura Lee, Chris, and Sam all attended the MOCCA festival this past weekend here in New York! There was a great group of comic artists featured, including our neighbors down the hall in Deep 6 and XOXO. (As well as Act-I-Vate) Guests included Frank Miller, Jamie Hernandez, and David Mazzucchelli.

Here's a picture of Laura Lee and Reilly from the afterparty!

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